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The object of the dissertation 'Holistic Simulation of Optical Systems' by Mr. Stock (AG Optical System Design) was the holistic simulation and methodology of virtual prototyping for optical systems. With the help of powerful computers and flexible modular object-oriented programming, he created a highly accurate simulation platform that combines exact physical models and fast algorithms. Even complex systems or optical setups or instruments can be predicted very accurately with regard to their properties, taking into account the physical principles of operation, digital signal processing and information from the technological realization of the components and their assembly and adjustment.
The approach is chosen very universally and in the sense of a platform is also flexibly extendable, tested by selected test cases and compared and evaluated with alternative tools and experimental results. The holistic approach to the problem requires both physically fundamental modelling and fabrication-related problems and questions and aspects of signal and image processing, so that a high degree of interdisciplinary knowledge and thus an intensive dialogue with specialists from all these fields was required. In the process, numerous weaknesses of the systems under investigation came to light, for which better solutions could now be derived and the understanding of the system has been significantly expanded. Since not only the algorithmic calculation but also the filling of the models with parameters is an important aspect of successful simulation, metrological requirements and the improvement of characterization methods were also part of Mr. Stock's work.
The first application of Mr. Stock's results was, among others, a modeling, simulation and development of a novel system for cutting and ablating biological tissue by laser.
In addition to his scientific achievements, Mr. Stock was also awarded the Hund Award for his extremely targeted, result-oriented approach together with his excellent communication and teamwork skills and his talent to present his results in an outstanding manner.

News from: 24.11.2020 09:27
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