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The enthusiasm of the audience at the Science Festival "Highlights of Physics" 2017 has once again shown that in Jena the so-called MINT subjects (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology) are enjoying great popularity.
The MINT Festival (September, 11th-13th), which is taking place for the first time, wants to bring this spirit to life in the heart of the city again: on the Ernst-Abbe-Platz campus and in the auditorium building.
Initiators are the MINT faculties of our Alma Mater, who found in the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule, OptoNet e.V. and Witelo e.V. partners for organizing the 3-day event for all pupils - from elementary school to graduation level.
Out of our institute also comes a mixed contribution:
Every day, Tom Lippoldt (AG Nolte) will be at the foyer with "Laser Sandboxes", allowing the kids to direct laser light in a targeted manner. Frank Schrempel together with Silvana Fischer bewitches the children on 13.09. (09:00, HS 1 Max-Wien-Platz) with an experimental lecture, and Jan Rothhardt will speak on 12.09. (13:00, SR 130) about the physics of gliding - certainly with exciting stories and pictures.
Two lectures will be given by Thomas Kaiser: 11.09. (10:00, HS 3): "Gibt es Lichtschwerter wirklich" and 12.09. (10:00, HS 6): " Was macht man eigentlich mit einem Physikstudium?".
The Lichtwerkstatt will take place on 12. & 13.09. as a workshop on "3D printing, laser cutting, optics and electronics".

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