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The new fiber technology center at the Fraunhofer IOF in Jena was inaugurated on 3 July 2017 in cooperation with partners from business and science, including the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies.

The fiber technology center, newly built on the site of Fraunhofer IOF, belongs to one of the most powerful fiber drawing towers in the world. There will be manufactured fibers for the next generation of high-performance lasers, which will be used, among others, for machine tools and in industrial production.
The Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies (Leibniz-IPHT) also uses the research center with its own draw line to produce optical fibers for applications in sensor technology, biophotonics and basic physical research. Due to the clean room atmosphere, more powerful fibers with optically higher-quality could be produced and thus expand the application possibilities of the fibers tremendously.
Prof. Andreas Tünnermann referred in his inaugural speech to the economic importance of fiber technologies for the Jena region. "With support of promotors from Federal and State Ministries, our partbers ins industry and research, we have made Jena to one of the world's leading locations for optical fibers in recent years. The technology center, opened today, with its unique infrastructure will help us to become even better and thus attractive for a wide range of collaborations."
The construction of the new fiber technology center, have been afforded amongst others by the Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research (STIFT), which invested a total of € 13 million. In addition, the fiber technology center have been financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the State of Thuringia, EFRE (European Fund for Regional Projects) but also through investments by the Fraunhofer IOF and the Leibniz IPHT. The fiber technology center will go into operation in autumn of 2017 when all construction work is completed and the laboratories are fully fit for use.

At the same time the 25th anniversary Fraunhofer IOF was celebrated: In 1992 the Fraunhofer IOF, started with 60 employees and an initial equipment of DM 2.7 million in a research building in Jena's city center, also known as the "Eule".

Fiber laser center opening 3

Fiber laser center opening 2

Impressions of the day: Speakers and Guests [rights: Fuchs, Winkler/IAP]

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