INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Excellent young researchers supported with nearly 120,000 euros

Excellent young researchers supported with nearly 120,000 euros

Welding, soldering, adhesive bonding: With these procedures do-it-yourself-men can combine two items. However, for special applications, such as in laser technology and microelectronics, the intensive heat and the use of additional chemicals are problematic. Therefore, a method was developed to adhere firmly two glass plates together without any additives: laser-assisted bonding. "The breaking strengths here are in this case as high as with no other technology. And microstructures can be obtained also, for example on the glasses," said Dr. Felix Dreisow. The postdoctoral researcher now wants to go a step further and extend the method to other materials such as metals and crystals. "However, the physical mechanisms are still unclear, which is why many scientific studies are needed," said Felix Dreisow.
For his idea the junior scientists now gets help from his University: Felix Dreisow is one of the twelve selected scientists at the University who are financially supported in the "Programme for the promotion of third party funding ability". For this year's round of programs, a jury has selected eleven projects from 32 proposals for which the university provides a total of almost 120,000 euros.


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