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The Phonics West is the world´s largest multidisciplinary event for photonics held each year in San Francisco with over 20,000 visitors. In diverse Sub-conferences, participants can hear about the latest research results and find the newest devices and systems driving technologies and solutions powered by photonics.
At this year's conference two of our graduate students were able to claim two awards for the IAP again:
Michael Müller gained the second place in 'Best Student Oral Paper Competition at the LASE Conference "Fiber Lasers: Technology and Systems". In his speech he concentrated on the development of fiber-based ultrashort pulse lasers, which are able to overcome the current performance limitations by so called coherent beam combining and divided-pulse amplification.
Instead of amplifying a single pulse in a single amplifier, the pulse is split into several pulses in the time domain and is amplified in several parallel amplifiers. The pulses are then superimposed spatially and temporally back into one single pulse again. The idea impresses with its simplicity and the resultant record high performance ultra-short pulse fiber laser.
Thomas Gottschall got the third place in the competition of the 'Best Student Paper' at the same LASE Conference. He presented a laser source, which supplants bulky and complicated laser systems with a laser source made solely from fiber optical components. It is, therefore, significantly smaller and completely maintenance-free. The laser was developed to enable an imaging technique called coherent Raman scattering microscopy in a medical environment. The overall goal is to identify the boundary between healthy and cancerous brain tissue and therefore to ensure the complete removal of the tumor causing only minimal damage to healthy tissue. Moreover, by this technique, the operation hours would be greatly decreased as the identification could take place directly at the patient, avoiding cumbersome tissue removal, preparation and evaluation aside the procedure.

2017 Photonics West Awards
Congratulations to the winners! Right: Michael Müller and left: Thomas Gottschall. The awards were
presented by conference chair Craig Robin (middle) from Lockheed Martin Aculight [source: SPIE 2017].
News from: 24.02.2017 12:15
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