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During the Alumni Day of the faculty, Dr. Martin Heusinger was also awarded the above mentioned award in the field of non-contact, dimensional metrology.
In his dissertation "Investigations on deterministic and stochastic scattered light in highly efficient binary diffraction gratings", Mr. Heusinger was able to substantially improve their optical properties, especially their deterministic and stochastic scattered light behavior, by a detailed analysis and optimization of the fabrication of spectroscopic gratings.
Spectroscopic gratings, i.e. optical diffraction gratings, are key components of high-resolution spectrometers. Thus, their parameters essentially determine the achievable radiometric accuracy in spectrometric measurements. Spectroscopy itself is one of the most important measurement techniques for clarifying the structure of matter in modern science, but also for gaining knowledge in various fields such as cosmology or the investigation of climate change by space-based earth observation missions.
In his work Dr. Heusinger finds central correlations and new models for scattered light simulation, which are fundamental for understanding the function of real lags. He bridges the gap between the physics of diffraction gratings, the technology of grating fabrication and their metrological application in spectroscopy. This mixture of basic research and application is impressive, especially considering the experimental and theoretical complexity of the topic. The high application relevance of the work is shown by the fact that the results have already been incorporated into concrete projects for the realization of the spectrometer gratings for the Sentinel-5 mission of the European Space Agency ESA.
This means that in 2020 two scientists (--> Maximilian Heck) of the IAP were awarded the Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Werth Prize.

News from: 24.11.2020 09:15
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