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Award for application-oriented PhD work at Sören Richter

Bonded material

On October 23, Sören Richter was awarded the Science Award for Applied Thesis of the University of Jena for his thesis "Direct joining transparent materials with high repetition ultra-short laser pulses".
The ceremony was part of the Startup and Innovation Day Jena-Weimar, which should stimulate young academics to think about self-employment or initiate cooperation with industry. Medium-term goal of the event is to strengthen the innovative power of the entrepreneurial culture.
The results of the research of Mr. Richter are well adequate to this claim, since high application demands are made to the stable joining of transparent materials - especially when it comes to space or laser optics. Here, highly stable connections between the materials are required, which is extremely difficult to realize with conventional methods if the both materials exhibit different thermal expansion coefficients. The disadvantages of adhesives or other intermediate layers are outgassing or creep of the components.
In the developed method of Sören Richter nonlinear absorption of ultrashort light pulses is used to realize a localized energy input of the laser focus. So he can realize a local point source of heat by the heat accumulating of successive laser pulses The positioning of the focus at the interface of two transparent sample allows thus the local melting and so the permanent joining of the samples. By moving the focus along arbitrary geometries also complex work pieces can be bonded, whereby only small areas are thermally stressed. Consequently, induced tensions can be minimized as far as the breaking strength of the bonded material reach the level of the bulk material.
This new method thus involves a wide range of applications in the field of micro-optics - especially for products with extreme properties.


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