INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Award ceremony for Isabelle Staude

Award ceremony for Isabelle Staude

At their "Frühjahrstagung" in Münster, the German Physical Society (DPG) has confered the distinction "Hertha Sponer Prize" on Dr. Isabelle Staude in acknowledgment of her contribution to basic research in nanophotonics. In her work, Isabelle Staude has shown a novel approach that enables comprehensive control of light fields on nanoscopic scales and is largely free of absorption and scattering losses. This is achieved by the excitation of Mie-resonances of electrical and magnetic character in lithographically produced silicon nanoparticles.

>> link to the press release issued by the DPG

2017 Isabelle Staude Preisverleihung
Source: DPG/Grewer 2017.

Dr. Isabelle Staude

News from: 03.04.2017 14:05
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