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About Water Windows, Death Star and Advanced Gratings.

At the world's largest photonics trade show "SPIE Photonics West" 2020 in San Francisco, three of our doctoral students were honored with awards.

In the frame of the sub-conference "Fiber Lasers XVII: Technology and Systems" Martin Gebhardt presented his work on "Soft x-ray high order harmonic generation driven by high repetition rate ultrafast thulium-doped fiber lasers" and received the 1st prize of the Best Student Presentation Award. In his lecture he presented an experiment based on the thulium-doped fiber laser systems developed at the IAP, which generate ultrashort pulses with pulse peak powers in the Giga-Watt range of very high repetition rates. Their emission wavelength around 2 µm is particularly interesting for experiments in high intensity physics. In the experiment, the interaction of the laser pulses with a noble gas inside a hollow fiber led to an increase in intensity and thus the emission of high harmonics (several hundred orders) could be observed. The photon energy of the generated radiation reaches into the so-called water window in the soft X-ray range and was used in a first application example for X-ray near-edge absorption spectroscopy on carbon compounds.

At the same sub-conference, Michael Müller presented by far the world's most powerful ultra-short pulse laser system (3 times the old world record), whose future application lies in industrial material processing. The key technology is the combination of beams from twelve identical laser amplifiers, based on the principle of the Death Star known from Star Wars. The experiment proves the power scalability of lasers by an order of magnitude above the state of the art while maintaining all parameters required for the application - beam quality, pulse duration and power stability. This contribution won the 2nd prize of the Best Student Presentation Award.

2020-02-10_AG LImpert Jungs SPIE
Left to right: Michael Müller, Sven Breitbart, Martin Gebhardt successfull in San Francisco. (Rights: J.Limpert, IAP)

2020-02-10_Ria Krämer SPIE Photonics
Ria Krämer lucky after the awardung ceremony. (Rights: M.Heck, IAP)

Ria Krämer was also awarded this prize at the sub-conference "Frontiers in Ultrafast Optics" for her presentation "High contrast ultrashort pulse written transmission filter based on Moiré fiber grating" This was dedicated to the implementation of advanced grating designs for the realization of narrowband transmission filters based on phase shifted fiber Bragg gratings. They offer a broad application range from sensing, narrowband linewidth lasers or up to filtering and improving the signal of entangled photon sources.

In addition, Stefan Nolte was officially honored by SPIE as a new Fellow of the Society for his significant achievements in advancing fundamental knowledge in ultrashort pulse laser micromachining.
With more than 22,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors SPIE Photonics West 2020 in San Francisco can claim to be the leading event for the biomedical optics, photonics and laser industries.

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