INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - At the IAP youth researches!

At the IAP youth researches!

The research work of the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) will be brought closer to a potential young scientist. In Bavaria, Luca Sauerwein has participated in the Regional competition "Jugend forscht" and received for his project "transparent solar cell" a special award of the Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research Thuringia (STIFT). This price includes a 20-day stay on the Beutenberg campus to inspire potential junior specialists for science and research at the location Jena.
For that reason, Mr. Sauerwein passed already a 10-day stay at the Leibniz Institute IPHT and is now supervised by the Fraunhofer IOF and the IAP.

News from: 11.09.2014 14:43
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