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At Photonics 21 on the front line

The Association "Photonics21" was founded in 2005 by actors and stakeholders of photonics research and application in Brussels to shape the European photonics landscape. More than 2000 members are currently active and their annual meeting is an important appointment to discuss the latest results and develop future strategies.
This year CEOs, research group leader and decision makers have met in May, 28-29th.
In addition to his keynote speech, Commissioner Günther H. Oettinger confers the Student Innovation Award, which honors research that has big relevance to the industry and is used in accordance with applications.
Fabian Stutzki, PhD student of the research group "Fiber & Waveguide laser" led by Jun.-Prof. Jens Limpert, achieved an excellent second place "Runner-up" with his contribution to Yb- and Tm-based ultrashort-pulse fiber lasers.
As part of his doctoral thesis he developed a novel fiber design - the so-called Large Pitch Fiber - that enabled scalability and ease of manufacturing by the ruggedness and simplicity. With the help of these fibers the current world records for ultra-short pulse fiber lasers in the range of 1 and 2 micron wavelength could be realized. This concept is already used in a number of research institutions worldwide and is available from two companies in commercial products, which highlights the importance and relevance for the broader industry.

2015-05-29_Photonics21_Preisverleihung Fabian Stutzki_Copyright Photonics21
Fabian Stutzki awarded by the EU Commissioner G.H. Oettinger at the Photonics 21 in Brussels. [© Photonics 21]

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