INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Alexander Szameit honored as best young scientists at Beutenberg Campus

Alexander Szameit honored as best young scientists at Beutenberg Campus

Annually the best young researchers at Beutenberg Campus Jena will be honored with an Award for Life Sciences and Physics of Beutenberg Campus Jena.

The best young scientists of the Campus this year, the 34-year-old assistant professor Dr. Alexander Szameit from the Institute of Applied Physics (IAP) has been awarded. His main interest lies on diamond and carbon-based optical systems. Szameit works in the field of light propagation in periodic media and develops optical model systems for the description of solid-state physical phenomena. He has developed a new algorithmic method that lost information of sub wavelength in the light fractions of a sample can be reconstructed regardless of the experimental noise. This method has been successfully implemented in an optical microscope. "His method has a wide application spectrum from optical sub wavelength microscopy to visualizion of ultrafast dynamics up to the analysis of biological samples," explains IAP Director Prof. T√ľnnermann. The relevance of his research is reflected in numerous of publications in international peer-reviewed journals, including Nature Physics, Nature Materials and Nature Photonics.

The award for the best thesis of the Beutenberg Campus received Dr. Daniel Scharf from the Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knoell Institute - HKI - for research about the mechanisms of regulation and biochemistry of penicillin and the gliotoxin biosynthesis in fungi (Aspergillus sp.).

The award ceremony took place on 19.03.2013 at the public lecture series "Noble Gespräche".


News from: 22.03.2013 09:29
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