INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Alexander Szameit has been highly distinguished with Rudolf Kaiser Award

Alexander Szameit has been highly distinguished with Rudolf Kaiser Award

How light creates new ground for research

Virtual magnetic fields of unprecedented strength, a microscopic method that makes details visible which are smaller than the resolution limit of the microscope and an optical quantum computer chip that can compute with light - these are only some of the research results of Alexander Szameit. Such results have already made the young physicist a resounding name in the international scientific community. The 35-years-old is an assistant professor of diamond / carbon-based optical systems Friedrich Schiller University Jena and received this year the Rudolf Kaiser Award.
This € 35,000 endowed award is given by the Rudolf Kaiser Foundation to support young scientists in the field of experimental physics. The award will be given to young scientists, who provided outstanding scientific achievements, but still not hold a chair.
"In his works, Alexander Szameit is looking for ways using light to win new insights from tresholds of the natural sciences," Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann from Jena University pays tribute to Szameits work and refers for example to the simulation of processes at the interior of stars on a laboratory scale. "Szameit developed a unique model system in which light can be specifically controlled and manipulated so, that answers can be found open questions of plasma physics, high energy physics and solid state physics that are not accessible experimentally so far," said the director of our Institute.
Also, these works particularly emphasizes the jury to justify the award. In 2013, Jun.-Prof. Szameit and his team published in the prestigious journal "Nature" an highly acclaimed contribution to photonic-topological insulators and demonstrated how light can be redirect round corners and edges without losses.
Laureate Szameit is pleased about the appreciation of his work. "I am very proud of this award, which shows me that my research - which of course is always the result of great teamwork - finds recognition" says the physicist. The price certify him to continue in the chosen direction and motivate research for new challenges.

The award ceremony of the Rudolf Kaiser Award will take place Thursday, January 15th by 18 clock in the auditorium of the University of Jena (Fürstengraben 1, 07743 Jena). Interested journalists are welcome.

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