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Gitter auf Prismen
Direct bonding of gratings with prisms. [Photo: Fraunhofer IOF]

The direct transfer for the benefit of people - whether it was the lifting machine using vacuum or a barometer for weather forecasting - was a particular feature of Otto von Guericke's research work. With the Otto von Guericke Prize, the awarding "Arbeitsgemeinschaft industrieller Forschungsvereinigungen" (AiF) honours outstanding work in the field of  "Industrielle Gemeinschaftsforschung" (IGF) whose research results are quickly implemented in real applications.

Our project "Opti-Bond" has been nominated for the this year's award as one of the three finalists out of a total of about 1000 IGF projects! Together with the Fraunhofer IOF, new bonding processes for optical systems have been developed, which is regarded as a key technology for many industries, including medical technology and aerospace. This is confirmed not only by the industrial partners Trumpf Laser GmbH and POG Präzisionsoptik Gera GmbH, but also by AiF itself.
In this video, the scientists involved explain exactly what "Opti-Bond" is all about: >>> watch the video
Unfortunately, it was not enough to win first place at yesterday's prize-giving, but that does not diminish the importance of the research achievement at all.
And what we can still learn from Otto von Guericke is that he was scientifically wrong with the reconstruction of a unicorn, but proved to have enough imagination to believe in the impossible.

Contact: Prof. Stefan Nolte

News from: 08.11.2018 15:00
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