INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - A. Szameit receives Adolph-Lomb-Medal

A. Szameit receives Adolph-Lomb-Medal

Adolph-Lomb-Medal (rights by OSA)

Alexander Szameit has been awarded the Adolph Lomb Medal of the "Optical Society of America". The annual prize is the world's most important award for a junior researcher in optical sciences. The American society honors Szameits outstanding research achievements in the field of simulation of quantum mechanical phenomena using optical model systems. The physicist is the first German who has received the Adolph Lomb Medal since its establishment in 1940.

"This award is of course a very great honor," says Alexander Szameit . "However, it is also a call to do not stop, but continue to work with the same intensity and dedication as before. The research that I follow with my colleagues generate a large response in the international community, and there is still much to do," he adds.

News from: 31.03.2014 13:56
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