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Last Friday (24.11.), not only the nearly 1,000 visitors had a lot of fun at the "Long Night of Science", but also many of our assistants.

There was a lot to discover at the various stations in the ACP building and of course also at our partner the Fraunhofer IOF. The science enthusiasts were greeted by the presentation of the so-called "carpet of light", which illuminates the entrance area of the BMW 7 Series. The design element is based on special micro-optics from the Fraunhofer IOF, whose lens array projects a high-quality and bright image even at extremely shallow illumination angles.
Crowd pullers were especially the lectures by Frank Schrempel and Falk Eilenberger "From the Holodeck to the Laser Sword - Science Fiction in the Present", who fighted over the world domination and the forces of physics - as well as the "Lichtwerkstatt", where grasping and joining was allowed.
In the "small researcher`s world", the younger ones started with pen, paper, glue and also "child-friendly" laser setup for exploring the fascinating world of optics. Nearly spherical, the holograms (CGH) were presented in the seminar room - from the flying bird to the starry sky - the collection also invited to dream.
The new laser sintering plant enjoyed great interest also until shortly before midnight, and if it were up to the will of the visitors, they would still stand in line in front of the "Laserbeschrifter", which has been popular for years!
The "Long Night of the Sciences" takes place every two years, but that does not mean that such a popular event will be dispensed with in 2018 in Jena, because from the MiNT Festival for pupils will take place in September 2018.

CGH  little researcher

fascinating holograms (CGH)         little researcher at work

Lecture 1
Frank Spock and Falk Vader

lecture 5


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