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PhD-students of the IAP brought home seven prices from the international conference PHOTONICS WEST in San Francisco.
The "Photonics West" is the world's largest trade fair and conference in the fields photonics, laser and optical technologies, with around 20,300 visitors and 1,200 exhibitors in 2013.

Subconference: "Fiber Lasers: Technology, Systems, and Applications" theme: "High Performance 2"

Category: Best Student Paper

1st Place: Hans Jürgen Otto
"Mitigation of fashion instabilites by dynamic excitation of fiber modes of using acousto-optic eflector" 
Showing an opportunity for active beam stabilization and simultaneously increasing the beam quality of high-power fiber amplifiers
2nd Place: Christoph Jocher
"23 fs pulses at 250 W of average power from a solid core FCPA with nonlinear compression"
Demonstration of a pulsed high power laser system with a repetition rate of 250 MHz, with a pulse duration of 23 fs, achieved at an average power of 250 W
3rd Place: Sven Breitkopf
"58 mJ burst containing ultra-short pulses with a homogenous energy level from an Ybdoped fiber amplifier"
Presentation of a system for generating high-energy, ultra-short laser pulse trains from a fiber amplifier at high pulse repetition rates

Subconference: "Frontiers in Ultrafast Optics: Biomedical, Scientific, and Industrial Applications"

Category: Best Student Paper

2nd Place: Martin Baumgartl
"Single-beam fiber laser sources for CARS microscopy"
Presentation of compact all-fiber laser sources for nonlinear microscopy
3rd Place: Robert Kammel
"Pump-probe investigation of fs LIOB in water by simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing"
Limiting of energy input to the laser focus by novel focusing concept of "simultaneous spatial and temporal focusing (SSTF)" to increase the average homogeneity of surgical cuts such as in ophthalmology
3rd Place: Sören Richter
"Ultrastable Bonding of glass with femtosecond laser bursts"
Improvement in tensile strength for laser bonding of glass by ultrashort laser pulses of high repetition laser systems

"Biophotonic Solutions Outstanding Research Award"

for the IAP research group "Fiber & Waveguide Lasers" for the scientific work "Pulse shaping in high peak power fiber lasers: theory, experiments and application to HHG generation"

Otto at Photonics West 2013
Winner Hans-Jürgen Otto at Photonics West Conference in 2013 (Rights at SPIE)

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