INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - 3Dsensation – the Institute and Fraunhofer IOF won the BMBF Competition "Zwanzig20"

3Dsensation – the Institute and Fraunhofer IOF won the BMBF Competition "Zwanzig20"

For a closer link between the East Germany economy with science and an interdisciplinary knowledge as well as product consortia is aim of the new program of the Federal Ministry of Research (BMBF) "Zwanzig20 - Partnership for Innovation" - from the idea and basic research to application and the product.
The project "3Dsensation" is one of the ten winners of the competition, which was selected from 59 applications and announced on 18th July 2013.
The alliance "3Dsensation" plans to give machines the ability of the visual recording and interpretation of complex scenarios in real time through innovative 3D technologies. Thus, for people in manufacturing processes can be risen, health care be improved to ensure the mobility in urban and rural areas, regardless of health and age-related impairments and increase safety through identification of problems and dangers.

The interdisciplinary consortium of 72 partners "3Dsensation" intends, that the project makes a contribution to increase turnovers of the 3D industry from today 8 billion euros up to 35 billion euros in 2019. For this, 45 million euros of funding are in the next five years at the partners disposal, which is again supplemented by almost the same amount of own funds. Consortia speaker Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann said: "The concentration of innovative players in the optics industry is a huge advantage for the region." The win in this competition was "a great success for the university and the location." One focus of the successful project is the 3D scanning of operations in real time. The data obtained can help to ensure that production robots can sense employees, prevent accidents and interact. "As result, machines can be created, which will recognize safely people and, for example can be used in robotics or logistics," mentioned Andreas Tünnermann an important goal of the new project.

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