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perspectives and roadmap

What can we expect from Laser technology in future? What kind of pre-technique respective determining factors we will need for new application fields? And how can we achieve such goals?

To discuss the challenges in different applications and markets, the workshop will bring world-leading experts together, to derive a roadmap for the next developments required in fiber technology.

Be part of the workshop in Jena!

The workshop will be seeded by several keynote presentations given by designated experts from industry and science to outline the current state but also to emphasise their visions and requirements on the next generation fiber technology in that operation field. These presentations will stimulate in-depth discussions of technical aspects in working groups. The results will be published in a white paper and also presentated at the SPIE Photonics West in San Francisco (January 2018), summarizing our efforts and containing a derived fiber technology roadmap for the next 10 years.

If you have expertise in one of the areas Fiber technology (design and manufacturing), Materials, Theory or Fiber laser system integration, bring them into the working and discussion sessions to get a most accurate picture of what challenges and possibilities are to be expected.

However, for organizational reasons, participation is limited. Therefore, we ask you to inform us in case of withdrawal from participation to give others also this chance of attendance.


Sunday 12th November

[5.00 pm]    Welcome & Reception

[7.00 pm]    Get together

Monday, 13th November

[08:30 am]   Science Cases (invited talks, 30 min each including discussion)
                    • Information technology                
                    • Production / material processing  
                    • Fundamental research                   
                    • Life science and sensing                

[02.00 pm]  Workshops (3 hours, including self-introduction of experts)
                    • Theory
                    • Materials
                    • Fiber technology (Design and manufacturing)
                    • Fiber laser system integration

[7.30 pm]    Dinner

Tuesday, 14th November

[09:00 am]   Summary of Workshop

[10.30 am]   Summary and Lab-Tour "Fiber Technology Center"

Following our event, the first public project workshop of the Innovative Growth Core TOF [Tailored Optical Fibers] in Jena will take place on 15.11.2017. The joint project presents the first results of the development of a common technology platform for tailor-made special f ibers for new applications.

Program ComMitTee

Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF,
Institute of Applied Physics & Institute of Applied Optics (FSU Jena)
Leistungszentrum Photonik

Prof. Dr. Jens Limpert

Institute of Applied Physics (FSU Jena), Hemholtz Institute Jena,
Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF
Active Fiber Systems GmbH

Dr. Thomas Schreiber

Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF,
Fiber Technology Center


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