In spite of the impressive level of development reached by advanced solid-state laser concepts, application requirements are gradually greatly exceeding the performance level of any laser technology available. A large number of future applications essentially demand an ultrafast laser technology, which can provide highest peak power at a high repetition rate. More precisely, a laser architecture that efficiently allows for the combination of petawatt (PW) peak powers with megawatt (MW) average powers is a dream common to many communities. Examples of it are ground-breaking applications such as laser wake-field acceleration, EUV-light generation or space debris removal.

The main goal of the MIMAS project is to develop the basis for a new power-scalable laser technology able to deliver a performance level that is orders of magnitude higher than what is possible at present. Such a technology would revolutionize not only the field of ultrafast fiber lasers it would rather be a breakthrough in the field of ultrafast solidstate lasers in general and would enable many new applications both in industry and fundamental science as it combines highest peak power with highest average power for the first time.