Thuringian Research Group for imaging with entangled photons

The joint research group of the Institute of Applied Physics and the TU Ilmenau is part of the Innovation Centre for Quantum Optics and Sensing Technologies INQUOSENS. The aim of FOQUOS is the fundamental investigation of imaging modalities based on the peculiar properties of entangled photons. As a result, application perspectives for quantum imaging schemes and a roadmap for further development will be established.
Research is pursued along two complementary lines reflecting the strengths of the project partners in Jena and Ilmenau. First, quantum imaging schemes and the necessary photon sources will be fundamentally examined to identify conceptually new modalities, with a particular focus on making use of photon pairs with different wavelengths. Second, concepts to realize electronic components suited to implement and integrate the needed photon detection and analysis schemes will be developed. Results of both research lines will be used to realize first demonstrators of quantum imaging schemes.

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