BMBF_Logo_ENThe Junior Research Group "3Dtransform", funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is part of the innovation alliance "3Dsensation" ( >> link ). "3Dsensation" is a large consortium consisting of industry partners and research institutions from different branches of science. This consortium fosters interdisciplinary research and development work with the aim to tackle central technical, sociological and ethical challenges of man-machine interaction.

Photonic components are an important part of the "3Dsensation" strategy, as light is one of the key means of sensing available to machines. The Junior Research Group "3Dtransform" will develop new concepts and devices for optical sensing by applying state-of-the-art fundamental research. In particular, the group aims to use fundamental results developed in quantum optics, nanooptics, and nonlinear optics in the framework of optical sensing and imaging. By doing that, "3Dtransform" aspires to develop new solutions for e.g. three-dimensional and multispectral imaging, quantum-enhanced sensing, and nonlinear all-optical signal processing.


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