Image capturing and image reproduction are on the brink of revolutionary changes. 200 years after the discovery of photography, the first devices for the 3D recording and reproduction of object informations are available. In order to exploit the potentials of 3D image processing in the pioneering fields of information, production, mobility and security, the intersectoral collaboration of science and industry has to be intensified.
The innovation alliance 3Dsensations aims at fundamentally changing the man-machine-interaction. The handling of machines should become more natural, intuitive, more secure and efficient. In order to achieve this aim, the man-machine-interaction needs to be tailored to human needs and experiences.

Within this alliance we are working collaboratively thogether with  iof_43mm_p334 Kopie  on three projects:

Hyper 3D - "High-speed 3D sensors in extended spectral ranges"

3D-SWIR - "Eye-safe 3D measurement technology in SWIR"


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