Three open positions for scientific employees m/f/D (PhD or Postdoc) in the following three research topics:  

"Broadband and ultrafast nanoscale imaging in the XUV" Reg. Nr. 306/2019

You will develop broadband XUV imaging methods based on coherent diffractive imaging for observing ultrafast dynamics on (sub-)fs temporal and nanometer spatial scales. For this purpose, you have already acquired profound experience with optics, lasers, coherent imaging or XUV radiation.

"Coherent high photon flux soft X-ray sources" Reg. Nr. 307/2019

You will develop novel coherent laser sources in the soft X-ray spectral region. Your research is focused on efficient frequency conversion into this spectral region via high-harmonic generation. Moreover, advanced control of the spectral/temporal characteristics as well as the polarization state is pursued. Applications include spectroscopy and high-resolution imaging of solid state as well as biological samples. Ideally, you already have experience with lasers, vacuum systems and XUV or X-rays.

"Ultra-fast XUV spectroscopy in molecules, ions and solids" Reg. Nr. 308/2019

You will investigate ultrafast processes on Femtosecond time scales in molecules, ions and solids. For this purpose, you will develop pump-probe experiments based on laser-driven high harmonic sources in the XUV. Experience in optics, laser physics, atomic and molecular physics is desired.

deadline: 31.01.20  >>> details in english   

Bachelor / Master / Diploma Thesis 

New Bachelor, Master, and Diploma students are always welcome. Now, the following specific openings are currently advertised in our research group:

  • BSc/MSc Thesis: "Waveguide high harmonic generation"
  • BSc/MSc Thesis: "Multi-pass stretcher/compressor"
  • BSc/MSc Thesis: "Multi-pass Multicore Amplifier/Compressor"
  • BSc/MSc Thesis: "Water window high harmonic generation"
  • MSc Thesis: "Nanoscale Ptychography on a table-top"
  • MSc Thesis: "Nonlinear contrast enhancement for ultrafast high-power laser-systems"
More information about the above mentioned themes can be found here
and if you are interested or have futher questions, do not hesitate to contact us!