02.05.18    Chang Liu starts his PhD thesis in our group.
                  Herzlich Willkommen, Chang!

02.04.18    Birgitta Bernhardt is "Physikerin der Woche" with the DPG (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft):
                  Physikerin der Woche

01.03.18    Daimler und Benz Stiftung promotes our project "Dual Comb Spectroscopy in the Visible and Near
                   Ultraviolet Region" with their postdoctoral scholarship for Birgitta Bernhardt
                   FSU Press Release:
                   Präzisionsanalytik mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit

19.02.18    Our "Ultrafast quantum control of ionization dynamics in krypton" goes online at Nature Communications:
                  FSU Press Release:
        Eine Billiardstel-Sekunde in Zeitlupe

19.12.17   Grant application approval of our project "Adaptive Sampling for Dual Comb Spectroscopy" via
                  FSU`s ProChance A1 Program