The fundamental solution to Maxwell's equations may appear in different from when formulated in different coordinate systems. To solve the scattering at a spherical object, it is efficient to employ the spherical coordinate, and then the vectorial spherical harmonics can be found as the solution to Maxwell's equations. Based on this conclusion, a rigorous regional solver for Mie scattering problem has been implemented. By using this solver, the scattering properties at spherical particles with varying sizes can be analyzed in a rigorous manner.

Pic-Mie Scattering
Fig. 1: Scattering at spheres made from fused silica with different radii. From left to right, the radii of the spheres are 0.1 µm, 1 µm, 10 µm respectively. The angular distribution of the scattered light depends strongly on the size of the spheres. (rights: IAP)

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