Dr. Frank Setzpfandt adjusts experimental set-up.
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Quantum Optics

Dr. Frank Setzpfandt adjusts experimental set-up.
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Logo QuantIm4Life
Logo QuantIm4Life
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Using the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics, quantum optics in the last decades has demonstrated a number of peculiar effects not accessible by using classical physics. In recent years the focus of research shifted towards using these fundamental effects, grounded on quantum superposition and entanglement, to develop or enhance applications in different fields. Funded by the BMBF within the project "QuantIm4Life - Quantum Imaging for Life Sciences", the research group aims to develop and implement sophisticated imaging and spectroscopy schemes enhanced by the quantum properties of light.

To this end, it is pursuing research on all aspects connected to quantum imaging and sensing, including

  • development and theoretical description of novel imaging modalities
  • generation and control of suitable quantum states of light
  • implementation and optimization of measurement systems
  • computational imaging approaches for image reconstruction
  • realizing demonstrators for life sciences

Furthermore, the research group "Quantum Optics" is developing novel sources for photon pairs in different structured media, like metasurfaces and waveguides, and is trying to realize integrated quantum optics in lithium niobate on insulator, a promising platform for integrated photonics.

To follow these different directions, the research group is building on expertise in numerous fields of modern photonics, namely

  • theory of quantum optics and light-matter interaction
  • nanostructure technology
  • integrated optics
  • nonlinear optics
  • nano optics