• 05.03.2019
    The importance of peer reviewers
    Dr. Alessandro Alberucci was recognized as an Outstanding Referee by the American Physical Society (APS) for his activity as peer reviewer for APS journals. ... read more
  • 28.02.2019
    Farewell to Prof. Dr. Peter Pertsch
    ... read more
  • 15.02.2019
    Consistency of success
    Another four PhD students receive "Best Student Paper Awards" in San Francisco ... read more
  • 13.12.2018
    New Network of Excellence: Cooperation agreement signed for Jena Max Planck School of Photonics
    ... read more
  • 12.12.2018
    3rd prize of the Lothar-Späth-Award 2018: awarded for development of ultra-short pulse lasers
    The Jena cooperation in the field of solid-state lasers IAP, Fraunhofer IOF and Active Fiber Systems GmbH has been awarded 3rd place at the Lothar-Späth-Award 2018. Prof. Andreas Tünnermann and Bettina Limpert, Managing Director of Active Fiber Systems GmbH (AFS), received the prize for their development of ultra-short pulse lasers - in honour of the former Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, who died in 2016. ... read more
  • 04.12.2018
    Pioneer of laser physics
    ... read more
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