Publications & Awards

M. Müller, M. Kienel, A. Klenke, T. Gottschall, E. Shestaev, M. Plotner, J. Limpert,
A. Tünnermann, 1 kW 1 mJ eight-channel ultrafast fiber laser, Opt. Lett.,41 (15), 3439-3442, 2016.

S. Hädrich, M. Kienel, M. Müller, A. Klenke, J. Rothhardt, R. Klas, T. Gottschall,
T. Eidam, A. Drozdy, P. Jojart, Z. Varallyay, E. Cormier, K. Osvay, A. Tünnermann,
J. Limpert, Energetic sub-2-cycle laser with 216 W average power, Opt. Lett.,41 (18), 4332-4335, 2016.

T. Walbaum, M. Heinzig, T. Schreiber, R. Eberhardt, A. Tünnermann, Monolithic thulium fiber laser with 567 W output power at 1970 nm, Opt. Lett., 41 (11), 2632-2635, 2016.


Michael Müller
2nd Place Best Student Presentation, Photonics West 2017
"Fiber Lasers XIV: Technology, Systems, and Applications"
SPIE - The International Society for Optics and Photonics
"12 mJ pulse ernergy 8-channel divided-pulse ultrafast fiber laser system"

Marco Kienel
Outstanding Oral Presentation Award,
Advanced Solid State Lasers Conference (ASSL) 2016
Optical Society of America (OSA)
"12 mJ and 1 kW ultrafast fiber-laser system using spatial and temporal coherent pulse addition"

2017 Photonics West Awards
Congratulations to the winners! Right: Michael Müller and left: Thomas Gottschall. The awards were
presented by conference chair Craig Robin (middle) from Lockheed Martin Aculight [source: SPIE 2017].